Our mission is to remain at the forefront of technology and to continue to advance The speakers systems in the areas of loudspeaker construction, design and musical performance



The speaker systems built have and will continue to be branded as Jazz, and our advanced technology/high resolution product line known as Hi-Fi Technologies™. For nearly three decades our company has been producing speaker systems utilizing the most advanced internal construction techniques in the market place. Long before it became fashionable we were utilizing a considerable degree of internal structural bracing in order to reduce noise/vibration in the cabinet panels. By reducing this noise, practicing good engineering design, and implementing high quality audiophile crossover components and drive units, The Speaker Factory has been able to produce some of the finest, most musically sounding speaker systems available. We have every intention of continuing this lifelong goal in the 21st century!

Even though the Factory is the technologically most advanced of its kind nothing is left entirely to machines…there is always a set of hands and eyes involved. Everything coming through the factory is checked manually, and unless it is flawless it is not leaving the facility.

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